Tell Me A Secret – A Review

Author: Holly Cupala
Genre: Young Adult Realistic Fiction
Year of publication: 2010
Published by: HarperTeen
Pages: 304

My Rating: 5 Stars

‘It’s tough living in the shadow of a dead girl. It’s like living at the foot of a mountain blocking out the sun, and no one ever thinks to say, “Damn, that mountain is big.” Or, “Wonder what’s on the other side?” It’s just something we live with, so big we hardly notice it’s there. Not even when it’s crushing us under its terrible weight.’ (chapter 1)

Miranda Mathison stands on the threshold between death and birth. Still struggling hard to deal with her rebellious sister Alexandra aka Xanda’s untimely death five years ago, Mandy tries to seek solace in the arms of her boyfriend Kamran who leaves her not only pregnant but doesn’t even want to talk to her.

Her feeling of abandonment is yet  aggravated by parents who have lost themselves in mourning for Xanda and by her best friend Delany’s slandering, malicious disposition towards her. Crushed under the weight of her own terrible mountain, Miranda has no alternative but to make choices that perhaps may alter  her entire life. Will she keep the baby? Will her sister’s secret about what really happened the night she died, ever be revealed to her? Will her own secret storm away her dream of joining art school?

Tell Me a Secret is a compelling and brilliant debut by Holly Cupala that deals with the agony of growing up. Holly uses superfluous language that embellish her story in a way that one can’t help but admire her style. The strongest points of the book is the language itself and the treatment of even its secondary characters.

Miranda, the protagonist’s characterization is concrete and irrefutable and since the novel is inhabited by more by round characters than flat ones,  it makes the story authentic and poignant. The emotions are played out so well that it leaves the readers misty eyed and with a longing for good things to happen to Miranda.

“Do you want to know a secret?” I whispered to the sister in the mirror.

“Tell me,” she whispered back.

“Tell me, and I’ll tell you one.” (Chapter 1)

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  • Kriti says:

    Yoshay you have so convinced me to get this book. I will be going to the store today itself. What a wonderful appreciation… Love your style Yoshay

  • Fritz Celmer says:

    I have to state it is extremely exciting to see a fairly ‘different’ blog like yours, good job. I look forward to coming back quite frequently.

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