Swedish Water Project in Kurseong (Dr. Goran Lindblom’s interview in Himalaya Darpan by Binanjay)


“We would like to assist in bringing pure and abundant potable water to the people of Kurseong”
- Dr. Goran Lindblom

Kurseong, 13 August, 2012

Kurseong municipality has collaborated with Sweden for the first time in an attempt to provide clean and abundant potable water to the people of Kurseong. While various schemes are being carried out expeditiously for the smooth flow of the project, Dr. Göran Lindblom, chief advisor of the project has been in Kurseong since August 8th representing, as well as actively working for the project. In relation to the project, Dr. Lindblom stated that this project is based on the relation and agreement between the two countries.

“We would like to assist in bringing pure and abundant potable water directly from the sources to the people of Kurseong” stated Dr. Lindblom. He further added that “As of now, it is not possible to drink water that comes directly from the source. Water coming from the taps needs to be boiled and purified before consuming it while on the other hand, the design we have brought from Sweden will enable to extract maximum water from the sources, and at the same time, this pure water will be entirely free from germs making it drinkable straight from the taps. This means that water borne diseases will be controlled extensively.”
Chief advisor Lindblom further affirmed that, during the year 2007, discussions regarding potable water had been carried out with the municipality of Kurseong. According to him, the project plan was carried forward owing to the municipality’s enthusiasm to collaborate. Due to unsteady political situation in the hills, the plan had been stagnated for a number of years. However, the then  administrator of municipality provided his signature based on the memorandum of understanding of the time. In addition, Dr. Lindblom mentioned about his meeting with  Mr. Samir Dip Blon, the present chairman of Kurseong municipality, “whose assurance regarding lending proper cooperation has made us glad. With Mr. Blon’s assurance and cooperation, we have been able to advance further with many of our tasks,” expressed the chief advisor.
Dr. Lindblom informed that the project will be completed by the year 2013.
“This also poses a personal challenge for us and we are all prepared to see this challenge being materialised completely.” He traced the current agreeable relation between Sweden and India back to the harmonious relation that existed between Sweden’s late prime minister Olof Palme and India’s late prime minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi.
Dr. Lindblom also expressed that, prior to this he has had an overall  picture of various other issues of the hills and on what various other kinds of projects can be initiated and materialised. In order to comprehend this, the urban planner of Kurseong, Mr. Sanjay Prasad visted Sweden for training and for gaining knowledge in the field.
In the coming months, nine members of Kurseong municipality are to visit Sweden on an official tour where they are to receive training and knowledge.
According to Dr. Lindblom, at first, main water sources are to be picked and the various requirements they have, recognised. The pilot project is being carried out in ward number 15 where current and various water issues have been comprehended and a working system is presently being organised. According to him, every task will be divided into sections for the smooth flow of the execution of the project. A doctorate in management studies, chief advisor Goran Lindblom has worked as a professor at  the universities of Lund, Växjö and Kalmar in Sweden.

Kurseong municipality of Darjeeling district of India, has received this golden opportunity for the first time in history.  Dr. Lindblom concluded emphasising that the water project thus executed by Kurseong municipality in a proper way with ardent loyalty without any kind of corruption, will be greatly beneficial to the people of Kurseong and at the same time, if the project is carried out with sincerity and hard work without  malpractice, then there is a definite possibility for the people of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Mirik to receive similar opportunities.


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