On the brink of an apocalypse


My gentle respite
safest of havens
my past
my origin
my sleepy little
it used to be

Puddled roads and
over-stuffed drains
monsoon rains
rush like the river
gush like the river
on the pock-marked road
carrying sins
carrying curses
diseases and

Mobile phone towers
inhabiting terraces
of ugly concrete houses
cell towers stand
tall and many
high and mighty
yet tallest of them all
most majestic of them all
under its potent pall
its landmark falls
under it we cower
our mighty TV tower

is a hush-hush word
but we’ve got it all
name it and
we’ve got it
yet we have learnt
nothing at all

drug addiction
we wear them all
like badges
on a soldier’s uniform

Safe and pretty
from a distance
glittering and glowing
like stars in the night
breath taking
from a distance
imperial white ranges
crowning the blue hills
sunshine lighting up
lush green hills
luscious tea gardens
in somebody’s
digitally captured

but the throng
only gets thicker
old narrow roads
break under the pressure
of multitudinous wheels
Natives prosper
under the nature
of shady deals
ugly concrete jungle
sprouting up
like mushrooms
below the sun-kissed peaks

Drunken drivers
driving a vehicle load
of people
off the road
into the deep ravines
is the news
that is often read
in a newspaper’s centerfold

What it was
a place of convalescence
a home for the retired
it no more is
What it has become
a place of filth and rot
to a curse it has succumbed

Driven with a yearning
I returned
my heart burning
What I beheld
was worse
than Dante’s hell

If I could
I would
light the fire
of catharsis,
raise the flood
of ablution
and out from the ashes
like the bird phoenix
cleansed of its affliction
it would rise
a glory from the past
the past exhumed
and all over again
it would stand

my gentle respite
safest of havens
my past
my origin
my sleepy little

Image by: Sebmaestro www.deviantart.com

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