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2016 must have arrived quietly, without much noise in many of your lives and yet for many of you it must have arrived with a sudden bang throwing you off balance. For some it started with a massive hangover, while for some a bright new day of the new year with a shower or a bath early in the morning and a day full of setting down resolutions. No matter how bleak the winter may seem and no matter how long, I think that we all looked forward to 2016 in many good ways than the other. Many of us were just glad to say goodbye to 2015 while many of us were too sad to let it go. For me this year started on a brilliant note and I can only hope for all the years to start the way it did for me this year :)

I started writing my second book. I mean literally. I had a rough outline since the final months of 2015 and now the beginning of this year has seen me shaping it with a much desired zest to write and discipline that should go along with it. I am so excited to bring this story to you my dear readers and I hope that you will love it and enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing every page of it. Here is a small excerpt I would like to share from my very first draft of it. The working title being “Above the Clouds and Beneath the Earth”

She had travelled far, much further than the wind could carry a loose down feather. The clock ticked away on the wall and she gazed at the open landscape that spread before her in a seamless white blanket. Naked beech trees even whiter, stood solemnly and still. She would go out in a few minutes. The walks did good to her. Three kilometers of walk in the snow would help settle the pang that grew between her chest and her belly causing a throbbing discontent feeling. Sixteen years out here in this land. This strange hinterland of unforgiving frigidity. This land of long winters and excruciatingly short summers. This land where she had lived to set down her roots and had – despite it’s somewhat austere disposition – had experienced many happy short summers and some cosy white winters. The strange vicissitudes¬† of life here had left an indelible mark yet she had grown to love it for all of its idiosyncrasies, well, until a year back when the black coats had come calling for her, first in her dreams and now she had begun to see them hovering just outside¬† the fences, tall and thin with sloping shoulders, waiting, watching. They had found her despite the distance. They had found a way to reach her again.


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