Jekyll, Hyde and You

It’s interesting how people you meet during various stages of your life should create an impression that goes on to build a vivid mental picture that is entirely different from what you see in front of you. Sometimes its a picture that is a much better version than the person himself /herself and sometimes it’s a picture far worse. Regrettably though, the latter occurs more often times than the former. The picture painted then, stays forever, for always, making you wonder, how come.

I personally think that the Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde concept  is true to a considerable extent and that nearly all of us have parts of Jekyll and Hyde residing inside. The only difference is that some of us have Hyde dominating Jekyll and some of us have it vice-versa. Nevertheless there is a Jekyll and a Hyde inside most of us, the spirit of which keeps bubbling to surface and resurface.

If asked to name the most dangerous organ in a human body that could wreak calamity, it would be the tongue. It is the tongue and the direction in which it moves, determines the magnitude of destruction it is prone to commit.

Malice is Hyde’s deadliest weapon with which all that could have possibly been good is ravaged within seconds since the Hyde lurking in you is  extremely good in using it to turn people against each other. You will know when Hyde is dominant in you when unconsciously you begin to be filled with a jealous rage, when you begin to compare yourself with one’s above you in life’s station, when you cannot take a single bout of criticism be it coming from those near you. Hyde is alive and thriving in you when you lash back in uncontrollable fury even when a friend tries to show you the mirror. Hyde is a full-fledged resident in you when you think everybody is against you, when you believe that you are going to get back at people who you think have wronged and you begin to foster vengeance within your heart, so much so that it begins to fester and reek of evil. Thus this is when Hyde emerges from the depths of your soul vanquishing your usual disposition and replacing it with its ugly, fierce and merciless countenance.

Retribution, antipathy, deception and animus becomes a dominant trait in your character when Hyde takes over. All you can think about is malevolence and acrimony becomes you. You are filled up to your brim with repugnance towards people who love you and care for you because the venom of  hostility has spread so far, that all you recognize and embrace is loathing and revulsion. You attract similar people to you who also revel in animosity, spite, abhorrence and who bask in the destruction of all that could be good and rewarding in any relationship.

Give Hyde an inch and he will take a yard and step by step you will eventually sell your soul like how Dr. Faustus sold his soul to the devil. It is only a matter of time until Hyde becomes you. If you realize it on time, you may try to up a struggle but Hyde is extremely strong and only utmost strength of personal character can determine whether you will succeed overthrowing Hyde.

Having encountered Hyde many times in people around me, having been the victim of a Hyde attack and having had Mr. Hyde trying to get under my skin more than once, I have finally learnt a great deal about him.  Recognizing him all too well has helped me keep him at bay and the moment I have felt his tentacles touching my insides, I have had enough time to spew him out. After years of experience and studying Hyde’s dominant traits and what he eventually does to the person he resides in, have armed me with  an armour that helps to ward him off. Thick Hide is what it is normally called and it is extremely good in keeping Hyde away and all those infected by him away.

To all of you who at this point are dealing with Hyde in some way or the other, make sure to wear a thick hide armour as it really works if you know how to use it.  Build walls against hatred and repugnance. For that matter I strongly suggest you to build walls around you and high ones for that matter but don’t forget to build a small door for love and respect to enter. As love and respect float quietly, it detects even the smallest doors or cracks that are open while malice, hatred and resentment gush around like a raging storm looking for wide open gateways and in its wild fury, it usually misses that tiny door in your wall. Yes, build walls but build tiny doors in it. If you are most susceptible to affliction and  misery, then I am sorry to say that you won’t be able to fight someone who has a Hyde in him/her. My sincere sympathies to you because the struggle will eventually extirpate you.

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