Inspiring blogs that are about to change my life

Encouragement, stimulus, inspiration (whatever you may call it) has fueled me like never before. You want to know how? Well it’s from reading what other people have written. From reading what budding writers, accomplished writers have written. While I open my arms for a huge huge thank you hug to Stephanie Perkins for allowing the likes of me to take a peek into the writer’s link ( her blog is fantastic by the way), I am elated with excitement because I have discovered Holly Lisle’s eminent blog and got swept away immediately! I have read huge amount of blogs by other writers but I have not read something that touched me, something that whispered”let me help you” in between the lines, before.

Laini Taylor elucidated the painstaking journey between ideas and actions in  Not For Robots,  about people who knew that they were born for writing but no matter how much or how long they have known it, the action part of it eludes them because of the most inane human tendency – procrastination. A big note of thanks dear Laini for letting us feel that we are not the only ones suffering from procrastination, happily hiding it from the rest of the world behind the “writer’s block” label.

I am genuinely moved by these writers who are out there trying to help other writers in the best way they can. There is deep sincerity and a great deal of honesty in their attempt to offer what even the greatest writers of our time have not. Except of course for Stephen King who opened one of the windows to his mind with On Writing so that we could take a peek into where all that writing came from.

I cannot begin to describe the sense of jubilation my heart felt when I first read them. I usually hate myself when I have ideas battling, wrestling in my mind when I am in one of my swimming sessions (I have to tell you that I swim everyday during summer with a few exceptional days like too much rain, too tired, busy in town, chum days etc. it’s my way of meditating). I hate it because by the time I get home, take a long shower, loiter a little with my baby boy then suddenly remember to jot down my ideas, most of those ideas have fizzled out without a single trace. Then I hate myself even more for not remembering, for being too laid back and then I quickly make a promise that tomorrow is going to be different. Not that it ever is.  See what I mean? Are you a writer who thinks its time you gave shape to your creativity too? Then you will know exactly what I mean.

Hold on! there is hope and I have found it!

I am renewed, rejuvenated, freshly bathed with encouragement and guidance I have received from all of these writings. I feel like a new person, I feel like I have just shed my old, lazy, complaining, looking-for-excuses, procrastinating self and have shifted from being a sloth to a meercat. That itself is a huge-huge accomplishment And I know this is for real.

“If, however, you find writing both glorious and maddening, necessary and impossible, dazzling and stultifying, there might be something here that clicks with you.” -  Not For Robots

I recognized myself  along these lines or more likely I saw myself staring back at me from between these lines  and something clicked deep inside.

It still is one tremendously long journey that I must take, but the first step has already happened to me. The second step comprises of some active writing and a lot of effective reading for which I say hats off to Holly Lisle joining both my hands in gratitude (in a namaste fashion).

Thank you once again all you wonderful writers for the insight, the reassurance, the tips and mostly for sharing your knowledge, your life and your experiences. I am still a fledgling but once I am able to spread my wings and fly, I hope that I can help others like you all have helped me.

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