In the Heart of Darkness, There Came a Festival of Light

Light candles and oil lamps, switch on your colourful lights!
chase away the gloom of a dark-dark night.
Fire away the crackers and rejoice and mourn,
for lives that are beginning and for ones that are gone.
Look to the sky and watch and wait,
for a miracle, a sign, of the figure eight.
The loops on it are but constancy,
of a reminder of kings and paupers we’re all meant to be.

While riding on the waves of opulence may we not forget,
that perhaps we shall soon have to fume and fret.
that perhaps we may soon be cast into the ceaseless eddy,
of abjection, rejection, into the hell of pity.
So light up! fire away, and burn away your means,
for, the festival of light may it not always seem.
Be merry, be dear but never shall you fail to remember,
that the ones whom you embraced may be the reason you falter.

(Dedicated to the hearts in a place of darkness where the festival of light barges in obtusely)


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