Once again, a poem has been inspired by one of the most fascinating characters of  the television series Vampire Diaries.  He is the ruthless, heartless and purely pernicious older brother of Stephen Salvatore. Damon Salvatore is completely devoid of any conscience, at least not until he arrives at Mystic Falls. As the serial unfolds he does show some really wonderful redeeming qualities but my poem is about another time. The character of Damon Salvatore is entirely irredeemable as Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost and yet one cannot help feeling sympathetic towards him. An uncontested dark prince of his own right but he is hunted too.

In this poem, Damon has lived a deception that is as usual true to his character. He feigns love with a girl who falls in love with him innocently and who rescues him from the peril of a vervain*- infested trap set by the hunters. Greatly weakened by vervain, he feeds on the girl and drains her to death. Suffering no remorse whatsoever, Damon walks out into the world again, freshly rejuvenated with young blood, deeply satisfied by his freedom and in search of more morbid adventure. However he does not know that the girl comes back from the dead as a new born vampire. She is extremely strong, rabid & wild, and is almost maniacal with one single motive  on her mind – Revenge.

*vervain: An herb that inflicts vampires with such extreme pain that they become unconscious.


Escaped by sleep, in restless resignation,
changing sides in silent meditation.
Murky shadows invading the walls,
slithering, snaking down empty halls.
I was jolted upright by an impassioned beat,
fluttering, flapping in a rhythmic heat.
On the ledge sat a lonely figure,
back turned, drooping, seemed out of vigour.
Do it for me now the voice implored,
come save me from this bitter discord.
Thrust out by a gentle force unknown,
I stood in an ingress made of stone.
My heart swelled out with a longing deep,
love and anguish struggling in a tireless heap.
From within the shadows came a long lonely sigh,
a silhouette pressed against a wall in pale moonlight.
He staggered with such pain to where I stood,
through the iron bars deep into my eyes he looked.
those chapped lips broke into a hollow smile,
come, save me from this captivity so vile.
Without a word I unlatched the door,
took his pallid hand and delayed no more.
Meaning to rescue him from this inevitable doom,
I lunged forth from the confines of a frozen room.
Dragging a frame as heavy as lead,
as cold as ice, nearly as dead.
painstakingly and laboriously he breathed,
dying from a deadly venom in his veins that spread.
The daylight greeted us as we stepped out,
I looked at him, in deepest horror let out a shout.
with blood his deep green eyes were laced,
something slithered under the skin of his face.
With a hoarse growl he pulled me close,
with a beastly grin his fangs did he disclose.
this secret for long, from me had he kept,
it was too late, I was now beyond escape.
but I love you”,with a quivering voice I beseeched,
with fear and treachery my heart instantly grieved.
he threw me down once the hunger was met,
looked  at me one last time and said,
“your most serious folly lies in your blind eye,
you of all had better known, something was awry.
I am but a creature raised from the dead,
malevolent and villainous to deceive I am bred”.
Strong and youthful once again he had turned,
but to touch him once more, to kiss him, yet I yearned.
As the last drops of life trickled out of me,
seizing a lost dream my lids began to seal.
The truth hung in the air long after I was gone,
of a love, of a life that from me was withdrawn.
It thus took me many, many a year,
to rise from the dead and to embody fear.
My body now is bereft of a heart I know,
yet a fire for revenge, there certainly grows,
brewing, deep within a bottomless space,
to destroy and to erase without a trace,
this heartless beast that continues to prevail,
who perhaps on a rampage is ready to assail.
Far beyond again, the harmless sun adorns,
a hue of pimento red as evening it beckons.
Picking up the wooden stake from where it lies,
I venture out once more into impenetrable night.

By: Joseph Minton, MalldoroR, ainhoart & Vampirekingdom

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