For Stefan Salvatore

I chanced upon Vampire Diaries tv series online by fluke. I had no expectations at all because in my opinion no movie, no book could parallel the twilight series fever. In my opinion no vampire could look as enchantingly handsome as Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson.

However after viewing two episodes of CW tv series loosely based on L. J. Smith’s vampire novels, I was bowled over by Stefan Salvatore aka Paul Wesley, the protagonist of the film. Entirely convincing as a tormented vampire, he was as good as Edward Cullen and gradually as the episodes proceeded, he became even more compelling than Edward. By the end of the first season, I had shifted loyalties from Ed Cullen to Stefan Salvatore, from Forks to Mystic Falls and what follows below is pure appreciation for the bewitching and mesmerizing character of Stefan Salvatore played with such clarity by Paul Wesley.

Stefan Salvatore knows he should not have come back to Mystic Falls /Fell’s Church but he cannot resist being far away from Elena, a stranger who is a doppelganger of his long lost love. Risking everything he is and aware of the potential danger he is putting innocent people in by coming to live amongst them as one of them, Stefan succumbs to his fate. He has to know who Elena is, why she is a split image of Katherine, and he needs to know why fate taunts him so.

Unable to disclose his dark secret  to Elena who learns to love him unconditionally, he curses himself and hates himself. He turns away from her and builds high walls around him to keep himself away from her but the more he runs away he finds himself getting even more deeply tied to Elena.

This poem is a dedication to Stefan Salvatore, about his essence, about the war that rages within him. It’s about the truth that he fears will destroy the only good thing he has.

The Return

The return was all but welcoming,
while the past had a way of seeping in,
confounding the present with a tainted hope,
of a promise that had long lost its scope.

A heavy price was yet to be paid,
in the shape of a truth of a darkest shade.
Wayfarer of the night and yet of the day,
A certain blue ring kept the human awake.

The scent, those dark eyes and that dark hair,
awakened a love so true, beyond all despair.
The bottomless ache for one single caress,
became the harbinger of an endless distress.

Frightened to the core of a terrible wave,
an insatiable hunger that was bound to rage,
destroying in an instant all that was pure,
all that was love, all that was secure.

Forced to escape the most beautiful dream,
of a love that promised to redeem,
but the truth is dark, dark is the truth,
that threatens to impair that eternal youth.

Heed not the past! a voice rang out,
Bare the truth, tis’ better than doubt.
Spread your darkness under the open sky,
let love cleanse you and protect you hereby.

What are you? when the quest was raised,
their eyes had met but they were far from unfazed.
A creature doomed to live forever, he said,
a beast who is condemned to rise above the dead.

Deceiving time by an immortal bloom,
fetched by nourishing in a human’s doom.
Darkness is the cloak I wear best close,
Pray! stay away lest you get imposed.

Turning away the eyes glowed red,
anguish welled and the cold heart bled.
Silence pervaded that fateful night,
once he stormed away farthest from light.

Images: by Catlucker

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