Finding Poe (four stars)

I recently finished reading Finding Poe by Leigh M. Lane and was both gently nudged  and perplexed through the course of the story.

I was perplexed with the idea of a dream within a dream for it seemed so real as I often find myself lost in the very maze of it. Just like it is difficult to define a dream and that one finds oneself in a place and time one moment and in an entirely different place and time, another moment, Finding Poe has got the atmosphere of a dream so accurately. I am still wondering if the whole story was just one long dream, where the protagonist is yet to wake up to reality. But of course the readers are free to choose whatever version they would like to conjure up for Karina’s ultimate fate.
What I love about the book is the dream like quality that pervades throughout – characters that may not be directly related to you, popping up doing the most bizarre things like Edgar Allan Poe holding out two ball gowns for Karina to dress herself up in. I enjoyed the book thoroughly and would recommend it to all Poe fans out there and to all fans of Victorian Gothic fiction. I only wish that the story was longer and that the readers were permitted a bit more into Poe’s final days. However, there is a beauty in the way the novel ends abruptly, as most dreams do usually, making the readers wonder, “Is all that we see or seem, But a dream within a dream?”


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