The Story about the Story (How Over the Hills and Far Away came to be)

 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou


And here I have another book to share with the world. I am back writing a post again after an incredibly long hiatus and I wish I   hadn’t stopped updating my blog, but sometimes, due to personal reasons, we put a distance between what we actually do and what we want to do. And in turn, we end up not doing what we should be doing. However, I am glad that I have had a very good year, a   very busy year that involved moving between two countries, moving homes, getting the children settled down in a new school and then writing – at the end of which I have a book to share. Phew!

A Parting By the River (a short story)

Tumultuous smoke from the funeral pyre rose upwards, blending with grey smog that already hung over the groaning city of Kathmandu. A sharp bitter smell assailed Hari’s nostrils almost choking him, but he gulped it down like water, and his eyes stung from smoke. Only yesterday Geeta had been there with him, bright and jovial when she was at her best, foul-tempered and bickering when she was at her worst but, she had been there and her presence in his life had made a conspicuous difference.

Yoshay Lama

I welcome you warmly to my blog. This is the resting place of most of my creative work. This blog consists of book reviews, articles, poems, mere reflections and excerpts from my stories.

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