Behind: The Way We Are – Dark Tales From the Himalayas


After two years of writing and editing these stories. I have finally found the courage to publish it on Kindle. These stories are precious as they are my babies whom I have given birth and nurtured them until they were ready to cross the threshold. Countless cups of teas and countless hours of contemplation, character building, shaping and reshaping the stories have gone into the making of The Way We Are and I cannot be more proud to see the end result. I cannot be more happier to share the book with you all. I do earnestly hope that it receives the love and support it deserves.


The Way We Are

Consists of twelve short stories, most of it based in Kurseong or Darjeeling. Some are based in Delhi, Kathmandu and Gangtok. The stories have a dark element coursing through it in a familiar pattern but by dark I do not mean just ghosts and spirits. It is also an exploration of our dark sides that we hide so well under a pleasant countenance; it is about the choices we make and the consequences we bear; it is about strange encounters that fall in the peripheral zone between reality and imagination. It is also about epic romances that we have aspired for sometime in our lives. The title suggest that we are the people we are with all of our flaws and our graces, with all of our beliefs and our convictions, with all of our darkness and light.


Self published

After a long and arduous search for a traditional publishing house, I decided to self publish The Way We Are on Kindle. The traditional publishing world is a cold and an uncompassionate world and if you are a short story writer trying to get your work published, no literary agents are willing to risk their business on you. And without a literary agent you are left on your own knocking at the publishers’ doors with your manuscript tucked under your arm. Most likely, the doors do not open if you do not have a contact ; someone who knows you, who knows someone in the publishing business.

Then there are self publishing houses that you pay to, and they publish your work for you, market it for you and so and and so forth. But they are very region based. For example Patridge publishing only caters to the Indian market. The options for me grew narrower by the day and finally I saw Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) on amazon as that light at the end of my tunnel. It is not restricted and one can sell one’s books via amazon all over the world. The most challenging work with KDP however is marketing your book. You will have to try your best to remain conspicuous in the amazon market by using whatever marketing tools there are available today.



The journey for me has just begun but the path ahead is set well.

The Way We Are is available at

I would like to thank every one of you out there who have supported me and believed in me and my deepest gratitude goes to the ones who read my stories and leave the review it deserves. Thank you once again for all your love.






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