and while the sky sadly weeps

Somewhere above
the jagged mountains
in the east,
the sky weeps
weeps because
the jarring convoy
of people below
do not see
the truth

A handful of
mindless individuals
playing their
bloody politics
have tricked them
into believing
that their paradise
shall be found
if not, then
it shall be snatched
from the hands
that have a claim
upon it

what they do not know
is that
they have been duped
played, used and betrayed
and they shall not know
as long as they
feel sorry for

and while they do not know,

men turn themselves to ashes
cry out with
stomachs filled
with hunger by day
grovel and roll
on hot pitched roads
howl by night
like a company of wolves
asking the moon
to give them
back their light

the women rave and rant
barking and growling
bobbing up and down
like waves in the sea
a sea of black heads
under the weeping sky
they scream and shout
until they’ve got no
voice left at all
have spasms and fits
until they’ve got
no vigour left at all

and the children
sit quietly by the TV
or with a book
or with crayons
or they simply
toy with their toys
in an empty house
with no schools to
go to

and the sky weeps
not gently
but with
a wild, wild streak

Somewhere above
the vast burning
dusty plains
is a place
that is cool
and green
a place
of natural beauty

but the sky there
weeps sadly
its people
not see

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