An Experience of a Cimmerian Shade

I stood at the edge of the forest both enticed and reluctant. Behind me the village beckoned. Houses with chimneys from where wisps of smoke coiled upwards promised me home and hearth.  The warmth of home and hearth lulled me to take a step back. But a deathly cold air escaped the forest and fanned my hair. A deep chortling laughter rumbled somewhere in its belly. The rumbling vibrated causing the moss under my feet throw up tiny stones and tickle the roof of my feet. Of all things dark and sinister, of all things evil and mean that awaited me in darkness anywhere, this one was certainly the blackest and I took a step forward nonetheless.

The darkness that flowed out from between the thick cluster of pines was in no way comparable to the turquoise sky high above. The creamy blue turquoise sky was nothing in comparison to the darkness that churned in the forest.

The darkness was menacing in a way that it slithered out from the depths spreading its black tentacles and without warning, inking me with its  blackness, with its horror. The darkness crept stealthily, menacingly, black tentacles, reaching me, breaking my skin entering me.

Before I could scream, a network of black pattern spiraled and glowed under the skin of my hands and spread slowly up my arms. Glowed in the darkness of presence of all the colours. Yes I mean black. If there is anything anyone has seen glowing black, I have. Patterns under the skin forming and glowing in black. In pitch black.

I thought that the pain would be excruciating but it wasn’t. Agonizing, the pain wasn’t. It felt as if thousands of pins and needles were working their way through my skin. Pins and needles digging its way in to stand erect.

It pricked and it felt uncomfortable but I did not scream. No, scream I did not. It wasn’t worth screaming. High above, there was no sky high above, peeking in through the tops of the trees in this forest. A dark canopy so thick loomed over my head, a canopy that would definitely not allow a single ray of light penetrating its thick meshes.  Thick mesh of canopy that held so tight like fingers tightly clasped and no ray of light was strong enough to penetrate its unity.

Suddenly a flutter to my right. What looked like a kite, a kite it certainly looked like, swooped down from nowhere and perched high on the branch to my right. The branch to my right? how ever was I able to see in this turbid darkness ? How could I use my vision in a place where there was an absolute lack of light? My vision of all things which had never been perfect. I had been wearing glasses for as long as I could remember and normally, my vision  liked to elude  darkness. Those very same eyes, which now perceived with such shining clarity in the pitch blackness of this forest, that I could even see the white flecks on its feathers. I could even notice the glint in it’s yellow eyes.

Somewhere far far outside a cock crowed in the village. Dogs barked and the sound of their barks and the crowing of the cock were carried into the forest in short muffled, dismembered sounds. Dismembered, shattered pieces of sounds of the dogs barking reached and partly filled my ears but the bigger part of space in my ears was suddenly filled with a suppressed, rumbling chortle of some sort. A rumbling chortle that came from a male. Afraid I was not. Not an atom of fear gnawed me from within. A cloak swished on my left and before the sound vanished, I caught a glimpse of a silky grey material, the tail of which caressed a tree before it disappeared in between the trees.  Silky grey was what I saw.  All my senses charged, yes all five of them yet not just the five senses I was born with. I pressed on further into the cavernous darkness of the forest.

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