After setting the sun rises again


a smile on your lips
a dagger underneath
fingers clasped tightly
around the hilt slyly
you let me in

didn’t want me
T’was me you wanted to become
my life you wanted to invade
my role you wanted to play
what you didn’t know
was that I foundĀ  out
what you didn’t know
was that your mask fell off

I was looking for a place
to keep myself safe
a place to hide
and you looked fine
you kept me warm
sheltered me from storm

were too far gone
like a tuneless song
we could never synchronise
while you went low, i went high
we were never meant to be
we’d begun to see
that we’d started to crack
that we’d begun to break
under the pressure
that’s when you struck out
that’s when you killed me

open my eyes
under the sky
to an edelweiss
bowing down with a kiss
I’m alive
thank God I’m alright
I rise and stand
brush the years
off my hair and sleeves
that cling like dry dead leaves
I walk on a sunlit path
I don’t know how
I don’t know when
but I’ll start all over again


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