A Place Without Light – Prologue

A Revelation on the Highway

The Beginning

Don’t do that! He snapped as I tried to roll the window down to let in some air. The inside of the vehicle was stifling but he wouldn’t let me roll the window down. He didn’t look intimidating for a kidnapper. He looked like any other average young man, and I was exceptionally calm. “What are you staring at?” he said between casting a side glance at me and keeping his eyes on the road. Outside the open fields that were fringed with trees at a distance all turned into a blur as he put pressure on the accelerator.
“Do you think I am going to jump if I roll down the window?” I murmured.

“It is not safe to drive with windows rolled down in this part of the country, and no I don’t think you want to die earlier than you think you will”.
“And why is that?” I shot out. “Stay quiet will you?” he bellowed. An odd feeling inside me warned that this bizarre journey was only the beginning.
I led a very ordinary life in the sheltered town of Kalmar until the day I was abducted by a man concealed in an over-sized hooded jacket. Until this morning, my only concern was my 20 points essay and what to eat for dinner. Now, I was already a hundred miles away from home, driving with a stranger at neck-breaking speed, my parents probably still assured that I was still in the library. Suddenly he, my kidnapper hit the brakes causing the vehicle to swerve around, tyres screeching until it sputtered to a stop off the highway. “Damn it!” he growled slapping the steering wheel hard, then disappeared from the SUV in the blink of an eye.

I stepped outside into an interminable orange sandy stretch. I walked around to his side of the vehicle but he wasn’t there. “Hello?” I squeaked feeling a bit abandoned in the middle of a vast open nowhere. Then the vehicle suddenly groaned under an unknown weight and I looked up. Against the fading sun, crouched on the hood, I thought I saw a huge black pair of folded wings . It was a gigantic bird of prey. After a moment of stillness it spread its colossal wings out and stood up screening the sky, as if looking for something and revealing himself for me at the same time.
I gasped seeing a human form beneath the huge black pair of wings. The eyes shone iridescent orange with a black speck each at the center. It craned its neck down towards where I lay on the ground as if smelling me. “Is- is it you?” I whispered.

A croaking voice boomed inside my head. “He is not here anymore. You should have listened to him when he asked you not to roll down that window. Now, if you want him, do as I say”.

To be continued …

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