A Face in the Crowd – By Sanjay Pradhan

Translated directly from a Nepali newspaper article in Himalayan Darpan dated 23rd May 2012)

Even today, when we see Shobha bahini (sister Shobha), we hear her tinkling laughter in the eminently popular radio show called  Shambhudai Ko Hulak (Shambhudai’s Post. Brother Shambhu’s Post was a witty question-answer radio programme which was hosted by All India Radio every friday in the early 70s. Listeners from all over India and Nepal sent letters asking witty questions which were read out by the fictional character of Shobha bahini and were answered with equally witty answers by the fictional character of Shambhu dai ).

Shambhu dai’s (brother Shambhu) quick-witted reply together with  Shobha bahini’s laughter comprised an entertaining pair. Aired during the early 70s, the show’s popularity is still remembered by the local audience with great fondness. This programme was aired every friday in the evening via All India Radio. Unlike today, there were no televisions or FM radio stations during the early 70s. No other program aired on the radio during the time, gained as much popularity as Shambhudai Ko Hulak. Friday evenings at 6:30 pm, people crowded in front of their radios in great anticipation of the programme. As a young student, I was fortunate enough to witness such a sight. Shambhu dai Ko Hulak gained popularity not just within the borders of the country but its acclaim spread as far as Nepal. Shambhu dai and Shobha baini’s wide fan base  covered northeast India and Nepal. Fans travelled from distant places to Kurseong just to get a glimpse of Shambhu dai and Shobha bahini; to see what they actually looked like, to receive their autographs and to take a picture with them.

Finding Poe (four stars)

I recently finished reading Finding Poe by Leigh M. Lane and was both gently nudged  and perplexed through the course of the story.


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