A Place Without Light: Chapter 5

In Captivity

“Please let me go home. Please take me home!” I wailed  but my entreaty echoed only within myself. Outside I had begun to look like a corpse, stiff and still. It wasn’t my mind that shut off first after all. I sobbed, screamed, begged, prayed but not even the birds that perhaps flew over me, heard me. Then there was a break. Through my shut lids I saw something glowering from a distance. The dull point of light grew sharper and wider until it was so close to me that my eyeballs burnt behind my lids and the warmth from it melted the layer of frost on my face. I was being carried was the last message my mind conveyed. Then darkness and silence descended over me making me forget myself.

Me and Donne

Sun Rising

This is my interpretation of John Donne’s poetry The Sun Rising

busy old fool you unruly sun! 
why do you do this? is this fun?
you come barging in through windows
 and curtains and my open doors,
stinging my eyes and scalding my soul!
Love is dependent neither on your season nor your time
You disrespectful egotistic slime!
Why don’t you instead go and rebuke, torture and torment
lazy school boys and crude men to your heart’s content!
Go to the royal house announcing the day of the King’s ride
tell the country ants to begin harvesting far and wide.
But us you cannot touch since love knows no season nor clime
nor days, nor hours, nor months which are all but fragments of time


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A Place Without Light: Chapter 4

The End of the Drive

“He possesses me.” he uttered with a detached seriousness, his voice echoing in the darkness. Something snapped within me when I heard him say those words. A feeling of not being met by an anticipated surprise took over me and instead I was surprised that I wasn’t shocked by this new revelation. Instead it was like small bits of puzzles slowly falling together making it look more like a whole picture. It was now clear that the bird-man had not disappeared into thin air. The man within had been stronger. But how? I wondered for an instance before I spoke to him again.

Yoshay Lama

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