Spartan Heart Part One – A Review

Author: Kristine Cheney
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 148 (ebook)
Year published: February 2011
Published by: Astraea Press

My Rating: 5 Stars

“The finality of unquenched pain imprinted on her soul. Fearing the brink of collapse, she placed her hand on his chest, sobbing aloud.”(chapter 1)

Evangeline’s return to London after nine long years in America is shrouded in bereavement. The sudden demise of her parents under mysterious circumstances raises questions in a way that leaves Evangeline guilt ridden for being absent for a long time. As the only heir to the family legacy of London’s Greco-Roman Museum, Evangeline prepares to take over from where her parents left. Still in mourning and extremely forlorn, she wanders into  the treasure recovery room of the museum one night, and her life is never the same again.

Tell Me A Secret – A Review

Author: Holly Cupala
Genre: Young Adult Realistic Fiction
Year of publication: 2010
Published by: HarperTeen
Pages: 304

My Rating: 5 Stars

‘It’s tough living in the shadow of a dead girl. It’s like living at the foot of a mountain blocking out the sun, and no one ever thinks to say, “Damn, that mountain is big.” Or, “Wonder what’s on the other side?” It’s just something we live with, so big we hardly notice it’s there. Not even when it’s crushing us under its terrible weight.’ (chapter 1)

Miranda Mathison stands on the threshold between death and birth. Still struggling hard to deal with her rebellious sister Alexandra aka Xanda’s untimely death five years ago, Mandy tries to seek solace in the arms of her boyfriend Kamran who leaves her not only pregnant but doesn’t even want to talk to her. PostCategoryIcon

The Revisitation – Chapter 16

All the chapters in The Daisy Lemmas Riff have been awe inspiring, projecting a magnitude of creativity born within such wondrous minds. To keep up with the mystique of each chapter, I hereby present my own. Please forgive me if I may have deviated from the central theme.

You are not accustomed to me, but I am. I have watched you, followed you and sometimes protected you. You are most dear to me and I require you to see me now, without losing anymore time. I bid you to come by the bridge over Black’s brook after midnight and we shall meet. Come alone.
Your well wisher


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