This poem is dedicated to one my absolutely favourite characters in the House of Night Series, Rephaim  the Raven Mocker. He is half raven, half man who is an offspring  of rape and lust.


Inspiring blogs that are about to change my life

Encouragement, stimulus, inspiration (whatever you may call it) has fueled me like never before. You want to know how? Well it’s from reading what other people have written. From reading what budding writers, accomplished writers have written. While I open my arms for a huge huge thank you hug to Stephanie Perkins for allowing the likes of me to take a peek into the writer’s link ( her blog is fantastic by the way), I am elated with excitement because I have discovered Holly Lisle’s eminent blog and got swept away immediately! I have read huge amount of blogs by other writers but I have not read something that touched me, something that whispered”let me help you” in between the lines, before.


This is a dedication to that one tiny spot on the map, to that minuscule town located on the north eastern Himalayas of India, where I was born and raised, where my roots lie. Historically, Kurseong has been an uneventful little town except for few schools established by the British, located in perfect spaces on the face of the biggest hill looming over the main road. A sluggish small town with a small scanty train station where the legendary Toy Train stops just for refueling. The shabby appearance of the town however is broken by rounded small undulating slopes of green tea gardens that are forever playing hide and seek with thick mists during the monsoons. But other than that, it is just a very sleepy little town where nothing much happens.

Jekyll, Hyde and You

It’s interesting how people you meet during various stages of your life should create an impression that goes on to build a vivid mental picture that is entirely different from what you see in front of you. Sometimes its a picture that is a much better version than the person himself /herself and sometimes it’s a picture far worse. Regrettably though, the latter occurs more often times than the former. The picture painted then, stays forever, for always, making you wonder, how come.

For Stefan Salvatore

I chanced upon Vampire Diaries tv series online by fluke. I had no expectations at all because in my opinion no movie, no book could parallel the twilight series fever. In my opinion no vampire could look as enchantingly handsome as Edward Cullen aka Robert Pattinson.

However after viewing two episodes of CW tv series loosely based on L. J. Smith’s vampire novels, I was bowled over by Stefan Salvatore aka Paul Wesley, the protagonist of the film. Entirely convincing as a tormented vampire, he was as good as Edward Cullen and gradually as the episodes proceeded, he became even more compelling than Edward. By the end of the first season, I had shifted loyalties from Ed Cullen to Stefan Salvatore, from Forks to Mystic Falls and what follows below is pure appreciation for the bewitching and mesmerizing character of Stefan Salvatore played with such clarity by Paul Wesley.


For Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen the most alluring creation from the tip of Stephanie Meyer’s pen has taken all the young fluttering hearts in a romantic flurry throughout the world. It all started with Edward and his amazingly gifted clan of Vampires that have allowed the world to look at the dark and dangerous creatures through a incontrovertibly positive perspective. Although they are dark and dangerous creatures, Vampires no longer are mindless blood suckers with downright evil motives. Not only did Edward sweep Bella off her feet, he has swept millions of Bellas across the world who are still obsessing on the mania catapulted by him. Edward is dear not just to the teenage demographic but also to both young and older mums. This one is exclusively for Edward, my acclamation for him is found in the hour of his extreme pathos.

Romancing the “Dark”

I thrive in all kinds of stories that have dark, sinister and haunting secrets to reveal. Although I read a whole lot of popular adult fiction and Booker prize winners, my love for the dark keeps bringing me back to the world of paranormal fiction (even better when it’s coated with romance). I absolutely  love watching films that have got everything to do with mystery, horror, suspense, thrills and chills and I can’t even begin to describe the adrenaline rush that sends my guts shooting way high!


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Vampires, Wolves, Now it’s Fallen Angels

Romancing the Vampire, the Werewolf and the Fallen angel

We fell in love with vampires and werewolves. Are we ready to fall in love with fallen angels?

Needless to pinpoint that Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series gave the vampire an entirely new approach. Earlier, vampires were just blood drinking machines, with absolutely no remorse whatsoever. How could they feel pity when they had no brains? When they had no heart? But Meyer changed it all in a grand way. She gave the vampire a heart. Perhaps not a soul, but yes definitely a heart.

“I may not be a human, but I am a man.” (Edward Cullen,Twilight)

Yoshay Lama

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