Let the Right One In – A Review

A treat for all  fans of the Gothic genre

It is the 1980s, Oskar a twelve-year-old boy is constantly bullied in school. Going to school and being cornered in the toilet is his  biggest fear. There is no escape and the only way he seeks solace is by fantasizing a bloody revenge.
Eli a primitive person in child’s body, dirty, emaciated, hungry and lonely. Eli and Oskar are two painfully lonely people and when they meet, a beautiful friendship is born. A friendship   tested through tears, toil and blood. A friendship that comes shining through while the rest of the world around them falls apart…


Swedish Mysteries. Giving You What You Want

Swedish crime fiction writers score sky-high

Have you ever given Swedish crime fiction (translated of course!) a thought? Have you ever gotten a chance to read a mystery fiction by a Swedish writer? No?  Then I must offer heaps of  sincere sympathies to you because you do not  know what you are missing and while there is still time for you to quickly indulge in one of them, you got to hurry because once you start reading one of them, you just will have to read more and more from the likes of them.


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